Riders of Asgard

Riders of Asgard

A fun and challenging Viking BMX game

Riders of Asgard is much more than your average run-of-the-mill, Viking BMX game. It’s a historically correct Viking BMX game, with historically accurate Viking bikes and locations

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Riders of Asgard has been designed for both advanced and new players. We have included features like Auto-transfer and Auto-balance for new players which can be turned of for the more advanced players.

Choose Your Path

Play the level as you see fit and choose your own path to pull off the best tricks and unlock the special bar.

Choose Your Style

Use the gold you earn while playing the game to upgrade your bike and viking.

Choose Your Tricks

While you play, choose your trick-set and use those tricks to earn more points and climb the leader board.

Choose Your Opponents

Take on the world by competing on the various leader boards, or out trick a friend in Local Multiplayer.

Choose Your Control

The game has full controller support, and features various Assists you can enable or disable at any time.

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"Riders of Asgard is quirky enough to be novel, yet challenging enough to be fun. You’re a Viking tackling an obstacle course on a bike, with the goal of doing tricks and completing the course."
Joystick Revolution

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"The most impressive thing about the game is that the platform world is not limited to 2D. The player is able to choose his/her own path as they move around the map."
Geek Node

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Common Questions

The game does support keyboard controls but fully supports a connected game controller, we actually recommend that you play the game with a controller instead of the keyboard.

Besides the unique theme, we have implemented the concept of multiple lanes. This allows a player to transition between lanes as well as traverse the course forwards and backwards as they see fit.

The game has been released on Steam and can be purchased through that channel. Please visit http://store.steampowered.com/app/552370 to get your copy.

The demo is fully featured and the main difference is that the demo only has 3 levels, a minimal amount of visual upgrades.

Get Riders of Asgard on Steam

The game is now available on Steam for the low price of $14.99.

If you want to try before you buy, download the FREE demo from the same page.

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